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Professional Media Solutions


For over 15 years, R3 SERVICES has been a popular creative, affordable turn-key production service for companies around the world.


We have had great success providing our services to a variety of companies over the years


Whether you need help with Product Videos, Product Photography, HR materials, Advertising, Training Videos and so on, we are a one-stop-shop for all you need to bring a company to the next level .


Our company offers media solutions which include Videography, Photography, Modeling, Lighting, Script Development, Audio Mixing etc.

We have a track record of success helping companies around the U.S. increase their sales with our product video team providing innovative solutions & concrete results that can be measured & analyzed.

R3 SERVICES has written, produced and brought to life very successful media over the years and helped increase the sales of multiple companies at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  Our team is committed to align our creative choices with you so we are all on the same page working in sync with one another.  Through this synergy, we will achieve your company’s objectives.  Whether you need broadcast commercials, marketing programs or help with corporate branding we know how to get the job done. We can either jump in and plug right in to your existing project with your team and provide supplementary support, or you can hand us the project task and we’ll take the lead.

R3 SERVICES cuts through all the fluff to provide media that will remain a valuable asset for your company that will not only be timeless but also multifaceted so you can our media in as many ways as possible.

R3 SERVICES take the time to research, learn and gain an appreciation and value of the products and services our clients bring to the table.  Once we become familiar with a product or goal, we use our production experience, technical know-how to provide top quality product videos, HR videos, Product Photography, advertising and other entertainment.


R3 SERVICES is committed to providing brand-centered short-form and long-form DRTV for home shopping and electronic retail.  Whether you need corporate B2B or B2C marketing, broadcast commercials or help with an independent movie and documentary development, R3 SERVICES has the tools for success.
Our team has a fresh approach while relying on an extensive historical knowledge to create a style, brand, video or picture that leaves an indelible  impression on the viewer.


Small companies and large enterprises like our no-nonsense attitude of getting a job done as well as our innovating and creative and technical resources… we know its “cliche” but we think both inside and outside the box to finish projects.

When prospective clients come to R3 SERVICES with a media goal, they usually  no idea how to get there, so we generate a game plan of how to get to the finish line.  R3 SERVICES is committed to producing results.


R3 SERVICES can help design your concept that most effectively communicate your ideas or act as sound board to bounce ideas off if you are at the ground level.  R3 SERVICES creates story boards to help you understand more clearly what you can expect for a video project.



The direction of the film process is heavily influenced by the script.  Our professional writers will work with you to create from scratch or revise a script to make sure that your audience hears and sees exactly what you want.



Preparing for a shoot requires a great deal of forethought and a detail-oriented mind that is attune to the “nitty gritty” that most people take for granted.  Make-up, costumes (free of wrinkles), props, equipment and even the catering have to be organized and prepared. The great thing is that you can be as involved as much as you want in each process or just let us handle everything.  We strive to make things easy on you, so your focus can stay on the BIG picture while we handle the small details.



We know that is crucial to have the right person with your brand. We have a broad range of talented models to choose from that will serve as ambassadors of your company and speed up our production for a quicker turn-around.



We bring cutting edge equipment to work in whatever format you need for your company.  Whether you need RED, 4K, HD, SD, Aerial Drones, Underwater filming or somewhere in between we have the gear needed for your project.




It is true that shooting on studio is a great way to achieve a controlled look and feel for a shot, but we also understand that the modern world needs portability.  Our portable studio allows our filmmakers to control the aspects of the scene wherever we find ourselves. We are one of the only companies to offer this feature which deals with surprise weather, light-changes or other distractions/interruptions.



Our Mobile Studio works great for on-location shooting because you get the best of the environment as well as the control that is sometimes needed for a shoot. We offer expert location scouting to find the place you need for the look you want. R3 SERVICES can transport our equipment to any location WORLDWIDE



We also use studios to shoot on green screen. Green screen and blue screen studios allow us to composite backgrounds in during the Post-Production stage. Which gives you freedom, additional levels of creativity, and cost effective production.  We have the ability to digitally re-create any environment. From Photoreal, to stylized, or even hand drawn, Shadowbox designs and implements fully realized CG Sets to help bring your creative ideas to life. We can also create backgrounds based on artwork, or re-create photographs in 3-Dimensions. See just a few examples below of how digitally rendered sets can work for you!



Our color correction and grading techniques help add that extra amount of beauty to any shot. Our professional coloring can turn day into night, give an artistic look, or just get that right emotion to the shot. Take a look below at some of the ways we’ve helped others get just the right look.



ShadowBox takes pride in the quality of our final work. We Master our spots in both HD and SD. We also have the capabilities to master at any given specifications you may have. From YouTube, to video walls. ShadowBox has done it all.



We are masters at transcoding video and converting video to any specifications. Whether it’s for broadcast, web, or mobile devices we can transcode to whatever your needs. HD, SD, tape, or disk, we can handle it all.



ShadowBox can also handle the duplication process needed to meet your target audience.


We love video, and care about what the final audience sees. Being full service means we will be with you every step of the way. From the first idea all the way to your target audience. We make sure the job gets done, and gets done right.



2015:   After one of our clients had R3 SERVICES create 100 product videos for their company.  We completed the project in just three weeks!  Once the videos were uploaded, the daily view count for their company website shot up to over 6000 per day and their sales increased by MILLIONS of dollars!


We have had wonderful success providing services for companies like


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For over 15 years, R3 SERVICES has been a popular creative, affordable turn-key production service for companies around the world.

Whether you need help with Product Videos, LIVE broadcasting, HR materials, Advertising, Training Videos and so on, we are a one-stop-shop for all you need to bring a company to the next level .