LIVE BROADCASTING:   Have your own online T.V. station!!!


Interact LIVE with your Dealers, Partners, Customers and Sales Teams.


Rather than spending THOUSANDS of dollars flying people out to a summit or have everyone half-listening to a conference call where they are only listening for “their part”, broadcast a LIVE program to your audience and keep everyone engaged.

Why not just use WebEx or Skype?   Comparing this to skype is like comparing a geo metro convertible to a TESLA.


We have had wonderful success providing services for companies like



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For over 15 years, R3 SERVICES has been a popular creative, affordable turn-key production service for companies around the world.

Whether you need help with Product Videos, LIVE broadcasting, HR materials, Advertising, Training Videos and so on, we are a one-stop-shop for all you need to bring a company to the next level .